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Fairytale Portraits


About this course

Do you want to be a successful portrait photographer? With extraordinary ideas that could fit in a fairytale?

Finding inspiration is easier said than done.

And many photographers struggle with their photos not being unique enough.

They never stand out in the crowded market of portrait photography.

But Jovana Rikalo is not one of those people.

She brings magical fairytales to life in mesmerizing portrait photos… that usually gain 10,000+ likes.

Her approach has attracted 286,000+ online followers and dozens of publications worldwide.

And although she usually shares her secret of fairytale portrait photos in her exclusive workshops…

…she agreed to create a training together called “Fairytale Portraits”. It puts her methods into the hands of every photographer.

It’s a video course including 40 video tutorials of 10 photoshoots.

The process is simple. Pick a photoshoot, watch the tutorials, then print off the written workshop summaries… for a handy reminder.

You’ll soon discover:

  • An unlimited source of ideas to creatively capture nature-inspired fine-art portraits
  • The best way to pose a model for fantastical and fine-art shots
  • How to edit your portraits step-by-step in Photoshop for spectacular results

Without Jovana, you might have felt burnt out and underwhelmed with your results.

But with her, you can become the exciting portrait photographer you always wanted.

This is the fastest and most effective way to create unique fairytale-inspired portraits.

Transform your portrait photography today!

7 Hours
35 Lectures
8569 Students
Beginner Level

About the Author

Petra Mestankova

  • Course Introduction
  • Interview with Jovana
  • Studio Tour
  • Gear Overview
  • Location Scouting
  • Theory
  • My Works
  • Clothes & Model
  • Gear & Accessories for Studio and Outdoor Photography
  • Flower Crown Queen - Indoor Photoshoot
  • Forest Fairy - Outdoor Photoshoot
  • Image Selection
  • Flower Crown Queen - Editing
  • Forest Fairy - Editing
  • Theory
  • My Works
  • Tips for Natural & Artifical Lights
  • Safety Tips - Using Smokebombs
  • Lost Princess - Outdoor Photoshoot
  • Sea of Leaves in Orange Mist - Outdoor Photoshoot
  • Sleeping Beauty - Outdoor Photoshoot
  • Image Selection
  • Lost Princess - Editing
  • Sea of Leaves in Orange Mist - Editing (Part I)
  • Sea of Leaves in Orange Mist - Editing (Part II)
  • Sleeping Beauty - Editing
  • Theory
  • My Works
  • Clothes Tips for Water Photography
  • Tips for Water Photography
  • Flower Girl - Indoor Photoshoot
  • Mermaid in the Sea of Flowers - Indoor Photoshoot
  • Underwater Mermaid - Indoor Photoshoot
  • Image Selection
  • Flower Girl - Editing
  • Mermaid in the Sea of Flowers - Editing
  • Underwater Mermaid - Editing
  • Combining Creative Concepts - Outdoor Photoshoot
  • Combining Creative Concepts - Editing
  • Making Flower Crowns
  • Seasonal Inspiration Guides


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7 Hours
35 Lectures
8569 Students
Beginner Level