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Infinite Exposures


About this course

Do you want to capture dreamy long exposure photos of flowing water and fluffy clouds?

Many photographers assume that you need expensive filters to capture stunning long exposures.

But the truth is that cheap filters work fine, and you only need them if you’re shooting in bright daylight.

My best photos were taken without filters… usually at dawn or dusk, or during the night.

Plus the process is much simpler than you’d think. All you need is a simple exposure calculator app to get great shots.

Long exposure photography is fun and accessible to all photographers. And it will help you to capture stunning photos that most people can’t.

I’ve been shooting long exposures since I started photography… and I recently filmed a 5-hour course sharing my 15+ years of experience with it.

“Infinite Exposures” will help you to:

  • Capture a variety of images from waterfalls and waves, to sunsets and stars
  • Find scenes with movement and still life for a striking balance in your composition
  • Easy ways to calculate exposure setting in any situation (with or without a filter)

With my advice in “Infinite Exposures”, you’ll be able to capture images like these:

“Infinite Exposures” covers everything you need to take stunning long exposure photos. If you follow our guide, your images will be awe-inspiring…

I wish I had this training when I first started… I could have saved myself a lot of time and money.

Master long exposure photography today!

5 Hours
27 Lectures
4236 Students
Beginner Level

About the Author

Joshua Dunlop
CEO & Founder of Expert Photography

Hey I'm Josh, I'm Photographer in Chief here at ExpertPhotography, and I'm in charge of making sure that we provide you with the best content from the most knowledgeable photographers in the world. Enjoy the site :)


  • Introduction to Exposure
  • Exposure Settings
  • Shutter Speed
  • Stops of Exposure
  • Apps for Long Exposure Photography
  • Setting up the Camera for the Daytime
  • Setting up the Camera for the Night-Time
  • Tripods
  • Intervalometer
  • Filters
  • Removing People in the Daytime
  • Removing Cars in the Daytime
  • Ghosting People in a Crowded Market
  • Moving Clouds at Sunset
  • Sunset Photography
  • Sunrise Photography
  • Trees Blowing in the Wind
  • Image Stacking for Long Exposures
  • Black and White
  • Waves Crashing on the Pier
  • Waterflowing over a Dam
  • Boats Moving in Water
  • Seascape in Adverse Weather
  • Waterfall Photography
  • Light Trails From Cars
  • Star Photography
  • Night Photography


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5 Hours
27 Lectures
4236 Students
Beginner Level