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Simply Stunning Landscapes

Capture stunning landscapes every time you shoot (without having to travel far from home)!

About the course

Do you want to capture stunning landscapes every time you shoot?

The problem with great landscape photography is that it’s unpredictable. And it requires a lot of planning.

You can’t just turn up to shoot. You have to do location scouting, as well as check for the weather and time of day.

And if you’re lucky, everything will align for perfect shooting conditions.

It’s frustrating when you see a landscape that looks stunning in person… but flat and boring in your photographs.

That’s why I make my own ‘luck’. I’ve developed a five-step process to capture stunning landscapes every time I shoot.

It covers location scouting, weather, time of day, composition and camera settings. And I’ve outlined the process in my course “Simply Stunning Landscapes”.

In this course you will discover:

  • Why most photos fall flat… and how to make your compositions great
  • How to use Google Maps and Instagram to find great locations close to home
  • The exact process I use 98% of the time – make good shots foolproof!

Thousands of students have already taken my advice to capture these photos:

The truth is… you don’t need to travel hundreds of miles to capture great photos.

You can capture stunning images close to home… all you need is the right process.

And that’s what I promise to give you with “Simply Stunning Landscapes”.

Our simple 5-step process guarantees results. It’s the fastest and most effective way to capture stunning landscapes!

So if you don’t want your landscape shots to fall short of the beauty of the scene…

Transform your landscape photography today!

5.5 Hours
56 Lectures
2,524 Students
Beginner/Intermediate Level

About the Author

Joshua Dunlop
CEO & Founder of Expert Photography

Hey I'm Josh, I'm Photographer in Chief here at ExpertPhotography, and I'm in charge of making sure that we provide you with the best content from the most knowledgeable photographers in the world. Enjoy the site :)


  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Tripod
  • Misc Accessories
  • Aperture
  • Depth of Field
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Histogram
  • White Balance
  • Metering Modes
  • Image Quality
  • Weather
  • How to Do Location Scouting from Home
  • Location Scouting: Weather, Time of Day, Revisiting
  • Shooting Sunrise
  • Shooting Sunset
  • Panoramas
  • Wide vs Telephoto Shots
  • Lakes and Reflections
  • Long Exposure
  • Aerial Landscape Photography / Drone
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Leading Lines
  • Framing
  • Symmetry
  • Dynamic Tension
  • Horizon Placement
  • Balance and Visual Weight
  • Golden Triangles
  • Foreground Interest and Depth
  • Church at Jamnik
  • Lake Bled
  • Mostnica
  • Pericnic Waterfall
  • Versic Pass
  • Camera Choice
  • Lens Choice
  • Cable Release
  • Tripod Head
  • Camera Settings
  • RAW and Camera Settings
  • Manual Focus
  • Histogram
  • Panorama vs Single Photo
  • Suitable Scenes
  • Camera Placement on the focal Plane
  • Portrait vs Landscape
  • Overlap Percentage
  • Shooting Mode
  • In app vs LR
  • Processing Panos
  • Lightroom Processing
  • Boundary Wrap
  • Tiny Planet
  • Sell Your Art


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    I just watched the video and would be happy to order this course (which includes the three bonus items also) at the $97.00 price mentioned in the video. I don't see that option anywhere.
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5.5 Hours
56 Lectures
2,524 Students
Beginner/Intermediate Level