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Digital Dreamworlds


Digital photo collages are a great way to transform your photography… but they can be hard to master. Because very few digital artists are willing to share their trade secrets.

And without the right guidance, it can be almost impossible to work out how some photos are created…

So when I saw Anna Maghradze’s mind-bending photo-magic… I knew I needed more.

She is the Salvador Dalí of digital photo collages. And her unique approach has attracted 43,000+ followers online.

Together we created a project-based training called “Digital Dreamworlds”. It puts her methods into the hands of every photographer.

It’s an ebook and set of cheat sheets that show you how to imitate her approach to digital photo collages.

The process is simple. Pick a project, read through her process, then print off the cheat sheet for a handy reminder.

You’ll soon discover:

  • 30 unique projects for creating your parallel reality
  • Simple ways to use Photoshop to turn ordinary images into dreamy scenes
  • Easy-to-follow case studies that walk you through each project step-by-step

Without Anna, you might have struggled with inspiration… and felt overwhelmed with Photoshop.

But with her help, you will finally start creating the most surreal images of your life… spending not more than 15 minutes with editing.

This is some of the most fun you can have while creating your own dream world at home. And the results will leave others mesmerized.

Transform your creative photography today!