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Picture Perfect Properties


Capture professional real estate photos with basic gear… even if you’re a beginner!

Have you ever taken a photo of a beautiful room, but have it come out looking flat and boring?

Well, I don’t know anyone who couldn’t relate to this experience.

Many photographers think that the best way to overcome this is with expensive and specialised gear.

But I’m here to tell you that your equipment is NOT as important as you may think.

Sure, a wide-angle lens will help, but that’s just one thing you can do to capture interiors in their full beauty!

There’s no one who knows this better than Giovanni Costagliola.

He’s a professional real estate photographer. And he agreed to share his tips and tricks in an eBook, Picture Perfect Properties.

Giovanni condensed a decade’s experience and knowledge into this guide:

  • How to capture photos that rent and sell properties at higher prices and faster rates
  • How to find beauty even in ordinary-looking properties
  • Professional tips on how to edit your photos to perfection

Can you spot the difference between these two photos?

Same room… same camera… totally different approach!

And luckily, Giovanni makes this process easy to learn.

With the help of this eBook, you’ll soon be able to capture great images of homes. And even start a career as a professional real estate photographer!

This is a fast and effective way to get started in this niche.

Save time and the headache of underwhelming photos!

So if you want to capture well-styled and flattering photos of interiors…

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