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12 Best Photography Forums in 2023 (Updated)

Last updated: November 12, 2023 - 9 min read
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Photography forums are a great way to gain valuable knowledge. These websites help connect photographers to share their tips and images.

Online communities are a great hub to discuss and read about photography. Gear, composition, devices, bags, and photography fields. Whatever the topic, there are discussions out there that will have the answers. Whether you’re into film or digital photography, are a beginner or professional, you will find a photography forum that’s right for you.

But what are the best photography forums online in 2021? We’ve gathered a list of our favourites.

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12. Flickr: Photography Forums

Flickr was once the go-to place for sharing images online. Now managed by SmugMug, its online presence has dropped somewhat. It lost its top position a few years back. That being said, Flickr is still a treasure trove of information.

This is the place to go for information on experimental photography processes, like Caffenol or Selenium Toning to name a few. The benefit here is you get to learn from others’ attempts, trials, and mistakes.

With Flickr, you won’t see any adverts or annoying click-bait articles. It only provides information related to your search.

On the site, use the search bar to locate a group that’s right for what you’ll need. The number next to the speech bubble lets you know how many discussions are in motion.

screenshot of Flickr site

11: Reddit (r/photography)

Reddit is the go-to place for news and information. The website is an American social news aggregation. It gives users the chance to delve into discussions about any possible topic in the world.

It is not exclusively a photography website. But, Reddit has an active photography community, and the r/photography forum is incredibly popular. This forum alone has thousands of members.

Here, photographers discuss everything. There are discussions about lenses, film photography, and post-processing tips and tricks. Some even have photoshop tutorials.

If there’s a gap in your photography knowledge, then chances are that you’ll be able to find what you need on Reddit. And, if you can’t, you can always start a new discussion and engage the community!

Simply go to the site, log in, and subscribe to the photography forum. From then on, you’ll get all the updates on your home page.

Reddit r/photography forum screenshot

10: Fred Miranda Forum

The Fred Miranda Forum has a strange name for a photography forum. But it’s a great place for photographers to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

The website is easy to navigate, and it won’t take you long to find the discussions you need.

On the front page, you’re presented with all kinds of photographic fields. These range from nature and wildlife to a sports photography corner. You can also find discussions on Digital art, smartphone, and abstract.

If you’re looking for the right camera equipment, a specific area is set aside for “Gear-talk”. Or, if you’re looking for some feedback on your own photographs, you can post in the “Assignment and critique” thread.

One of the best parts of the website’s forum is the “buy and sell” area. It doesn’t have any security, but it might be a better fit for you than eBay. It’s one of the top photography forums.

Fred Miranda Forum screenshot

9: Talk Photography

Talk Photography is a relatively new photographic forum. Immediately from accessing the homepage, you’ll find the Main Discussion Forums.

“Talk Photography”, “Talk Equipment”, and “Talk lighting and Studio” are at the top of the list. There is a discussion for beginner photographers and a whole list of discussions for each photography genre.

The “Business of Photography” section is ideal for anyone going pro. The discussions here have everything you need to know about starting your own photography business.

There is a section for ideas and inspiration. It offers possible projects and themes, as well as photo galleries to ignite your imagination.

The threads on this page reach well over 600,000, with over 8 million posts. There isn’t much you can’t find on Talk Photography.

Join one of the 60,415 members today and find answers to those nagging photography questions.

Talk Photography screenshot

8: Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer is yet another excellent photography forum. It has a lively and active membership of amateur photographers willing to answer any questions.

It is easy to find what you need. The discussions have been organised into sections so you can find the posts you want.

If you use a specific camera brand, there are discussions for Canon, Pentax, and Olympus users. That’s just to name a few. The same can be said if you enjoy film cameras or digital photography.

And it’s not just technical discussions. Amateur Photography has photography news, games, and photo galleries for added interest. You can also create your own photography portfolio.

If you’re new to photography, start with the Beginner’s Corner. But amateurs of all levels can find the photography tips they need.

Amateur Photographer screenshot

7: Photography Talk

One of the benefits of Photography Talk is the “Getting Started” forum video to help you get started. It covers all the main topics and discussions so you can get involved right from the off.

Photography talk isn’t just a great forum. It’s an excellent resource for articles, free e-books, and how-to guides.

“Taking the photo”, “Editing”, “Camera manufacturers – by brand”, and “Research on equipment” are all discussions that you can get involved with. If you are looking for the best photography gear or inspiring galleries, you can find it here.

Unlike other photography forums, Photography Talk has a sleek design that stands out among the others on this list.

Photography Talk screenshot

6: The Photo Forum

The Photo Forum not only has fantastic topics across all areas of amateur photography, but it also houses a “Business District”. This section is a helpful resource for professional photographers.

There are whole sections dedicated to both film photography and digital photography. Everything is well-organised, and each section is easy to find.

If you’re looking for information on mirrorless cameras, you came to the right place. And it’s not only the basics. You will find in-depth discussions on all kinds of photography gear.

Their photos contests offer another layer of user interaction. They have the TPF Photo Challenge and a Photo of the Month Contest.

On The Photo Forum, you’ll find over 410,000 discussions holding over 3.7 million messages. You can be sure to have any of your photography questions answered here.

The Photo Forum screenshot

5: Photography Forum

The Photography Forum is designed to answer all your photographic questions. It’s an excellent place to come for tips, tricks, and advice.

You can start with “Photography & Basics” if you’re a beginner. If not, then it is easy to find more advanced posts and discussions. This is a forum for all skill levels.

Photography Forum is a great place to develop your skills. There are discussions on everything from “Photoshop & Editing” to “Studio Lighting“. And, you can find specific camera tutorials if you need help getting to know your new device.

It is easy to get involved with this photography forum. You can upload your own images, compete in the competitions, and get feedback in their “Critique Corner”.

Photography Forum screenshot

4: LightStalking

The LightStalking website has a wonderfully sleek design. It is engaging, easy to navigate, and packed full of informative discussions.

They offer a ton of articles, guides, and freebies. And, they have an extensive list of excellent tutorials for photographers of all levels.

All topics are covered in their extensive list of forum pages, and you will find that their discussion boards are very active. This means whatever your question, you are sure to get a response in no time.

There are over 80,000 posts on LightStalker. 25,000 of those relate to photographic challenges the users are encouraged to get involved with. If you’re looking for feedback on your own images, you can check out their “Constructive, yet negative criticism” page.

Landscape photography is the biggest subject field found on LightStalker. If this is your field, then you’ll find great resources here.

LightStalking screenshot

3: offers access to an enthusiastic community of photographers of all levels. Whether shooting for business or as a hobby, can help you.

The web page has a wonderfully modern design. It looks far more up-to-date than many photography forums on the internet.

This forum holds a massive library of content. There are Q&A posts for beginners and specially curated discussions for professionals.

If you’re looking to buy a new camera, there are forums for all the major manufacturers. The users can guide you in the right direction with their first-hand experiences.

Packed with articles, courses, and a huge active following—what more could you want? This is the place for those with hard-to-answer questions. screenshot

2: Photography on the Net

Photography on the Net isn’t the most modern-looking forum on the list. But it does have an extensive library of information.

For camera reviews and information, there are threads on all the major brands. Their Canon discussion boards are invaluable.

If you are looking to improve your techniques, there are discussions on everything from portraiture to street photography.

This forum also offers more risque discussions, like their nude photography. Most of their content is available to guests, but you’ll have to register if you want to access this type of discussion. But, even if you register, all their content is free.

This is a highly popular forum, with over 385,000 members, 1.2 million discussions, and 16 million posts.

Photography on the Net screenshot

1: DPReview

DPReview is the go-to website for all photography-related questions. It is by far the most active photography forum online. You’ll definitely find the answer to your questions here. If not, you get to start a thread to get help from others or try and inform others.

If you’re looking for information regarding camera gear, you’ve found the right place. Tips for beginners? Most definitely. Advanced technique advice? It’s all here.

Even if you have questions requiring a more in-depth answer, there is no better forum. We also really like the gear list that’s attached to each user.

You’ll find over 35 million posts across 3.4 million threads. When it comes to photography forums, you can’t do much better than DPReview.

DPReview screenshot


Whether you’re a beginner looking for tutorials, or a professional who wants to get involved in an online community, forums are a great way to connect to like-minded photographers.

With our list of the best photography forums in 2021, now you’ll have a better idea of which forum is right for you.

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