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30 Most Influential Macro Photographers to Follow in 2023

Last updated: November 12, 2023 - 13 min read
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Macro photography can guide us into a world that is invisible to the naked eye. It makes us see the beauty in the details by making small subjects look larger.

Here are 30 of the most influential artists working in the niche to get you started. Believe us. It’s worth following them! Jump to the end if you want to know what macro photography is.

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30 Most Influential Macro Photographers

Let’s look at the work of 30 of our current favorite macro photographers!

1. Adam Gor

Adam is a biologist from Hungary who has been taking photos since 2000. And he took it to a professional level bit by bit.

He mostly photographs butterflies and moths. His images are perfectly composed. And he always manages to catch the moments when the beauty of his subjects is the most visible.

These photos also make the viewer wonder how patient Adam is.

Screenshot of Adam Gor's Instagram feed with a butterfly
Follow Adam Gor on Instagram

2. Javier Rupérez

Javier is a Spanish photographer who specializes in extreme macro photography. This sub-genre focuses on details that are almost invisible to the naked eye.

His macro shots perfectly capture the surprising and scary beauty of insects. Javier really makes us rethink what we know about the world around us.

Screenshot of Javier Rupérez's Instagram feed with a macro shot of an insect
Follow Javier Rupérez on Instagram

3. Andrey Savin

Andrey is an underwater photographer and videographer. And he is a certified diver.

So he spends a lot of time underwater with a camera. His unique skill set lets him take outstanding macro photos you don’t get to see very often.

He travels a lot. And Audrey has guided tours and workshops where you can go with him to take images as vibrant and diverse images as his.

Screenshot of Andrey Savin's Instagram page with an underwater sea sea creature
Andrey Savin on Instagram

4. Hans Thomassen

Hans Thomassen is a Brazilian biologist, researcher, photographer, and entrepreneur. He aims to raise awareness about nature and fight for a sustainable world.

You can meet a lot of different creatures in his images. Insects, spiders, amphibians, and reptiles are all his favorite subjects to take macro photos of

He also educates his followers by writing informative captions.

Screenshot of Hans Thomassen's Instagram account with a close-up of a frog
Hans Thomassen on Instagram

5. Jamie Price

Jamie Price specializes in macro, portrait, pet portrait, and product photography. He is based in Leicestershire. And he takes photos a lot in his home.

He can make the scariest spiders look so astonishing that the viewer forgets to be afraid. But you can find small objects, fruits, flowers, or seeds among his macro images, not only living creatures.

Screenshot of Jamie Price's Instagram with a macro photo of an insect
Follow Jamie Price on Instagram

6. Karla Thompson

Karla Thompson is an arthropod conservationist photographer with a passion for nature. She stands for ethical photography and hopes to build a bridge between nature and humans.

Her images are vivid and beautiful. And her lively captions effectively bring her photographed creatures closer to us. From bees to spiders, she captures everything she encounters.

Screenshot of Karla Thompson's Instagram with a. macro bee shot
Karla Thompson on Instagram

7. Alan Shapiro

Alan is an award-winning photographer and advertising chief creative officer. Photography started as a hobby for him. But soon, it became his passion.

He is into many genres. And luckily, macro photography is one of them. His macro photography mostly consists of amazing, painting-like images of flowers.

Screenshot of Alain Shapiro's Instagram with a close-up of colorful vegetation
Follow Alain Shapiro on Instagram

8. James Weiss

James introduces himself as “a funny guy who got lost in life and found his passion in pond scum!” This basically sums it up.

He photographs and takes videos of microscopic organisms, like amoebas. And he writes fun and easy-to-understand blog posts about them.

Thanks to his microscope and deep knowledge, he guides us into a world we tend to forget about.

Screenshot of James Weiss's Instagram with a microscopic shot of an organism
Follow James Weiss on Instagram

9. Christian Brockes

Christian is a master of extreme macro photography. The German photographer uses his work to raise awareness of environmental problems.

He documents spiders and insects that sometimes are not even familiar to us and opens our eyes to the wonders of nature.

This is an effective way of fighting against habitat loss, climate change, and the usage of pesticides and herbicides.

Screenshot of Christian Brockes's Instagram with a beetle
Follow Christian Brockes on Instagram

10. Alexey Kljatov

Alexey’s passion is taking macro photos of snowflakes because he finds their infinite diversity amazing and worth capturing.

NASA, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and others have published his photos. And it’s no wonder he became famous. His images are incredible!

They are beautiful, sharp, and simply mesmerizing. You just can’t stop scrolling through his posts!

Screenshot of Alexey Kljatov's Instagram with a macro shot of a snowflake
Follow Alexey Kljatov on Instagram

11. Diego Mendez

Diego Mendez is a macro photographer from Argentina. He is passionate about the world of insects and spiders.

He only posts cruelty-free photographs and doesn’t use any baits to attract insects. Also, he solely takes photos of live animals in the field. And his motto is, “All good things are wild and free.”

Screenshot of Diego Mendez's Instagram with a insect macro photo
Follow Diego Mendez on Instagram

12. Nathan Renfro

Nathan is a gemologist and geologist who takes stunning images with his microscope. His subjects are gems, rocks, and minerals. And he works with a Zeiss microscope.

At first, his gallery looks like he has a graphic designer or painter background, as he captures things we could never see.

The surfaces of these formations are geometric. And due to his photography techniques, they appear colorful and can’t be compared to anything we know!

Screenshot of Nathan Renfro's Instagram with an abstract macro image
Follow Nathan Renfro on Instagram

13. Marit Hovden

Marit’s main subjects are waterdrops, which she captures in stunning macro photos.

She even has a dedicated feature account (@drops_creative) for drop photos. And you can use the #drops_creative hashtag to get featured.

Her images are magical. The waterdrops look like tiny pearls. And she plays with reflecting the background in them.

Screenshot of Marit Hovden's Instagram with a waterdrop and reflecting on a branch
Follow Marit Hovden on Instagram

14. Kenneth R Myers

Kenneth was born and raised in Panama. And he captures the beautiful wildlife there. This way, he raises awareness of the importance of conservation and protecting nature.

His images are mostly of birds and tiny insects. And they are almost like drawings or paintings. They are incredibly vivid and colorful and guide viewers into a less-known world.

Screenshot of Kenneth R Myers's Instagram with a butterfly
Follow Kenneth R Myers on Instagram

15. Michela Campanaro

Michela is an Italian photographer whose photos are raw and emotional. You’ll notice that most of her photos look dark and unedited. This effect only enhances her tiny models.

Michela also owns a feature account with over 22,000 followers on Instagram. You can submit your work using the hashtag #Thehub_macro to get featured there.

Screenshot of Michela Campanaro's Instagram with a dandelion and insect
Follow Michela Campanaro on Instagram

16. Oscar Rojas

Oscar is a macro photographer based in Florida. He has amazingly sharp close-ups of insects, spiders, and sometimes caterpillars.

He also captures their behaviors, like when spiders eat other tiny things. He even describes in his captions what we see.

Plus, he adds the technical details of the process he photographs. It’s incredibly useful for photographers and every other viewer as well.

Screenshot of Oscar Rojas's Instagram with an insect macro shot
Follow Oscar Rojas on Instagram

17. Monica

Monica has painting-like macro images. She shoots flowers with nicely blurred backgrounds.

She plays with the colors during post-processing to add depth and atmosphere to the photos. They all look soft and give a calm feeling.

This makes them ideal for decorating any home. Who couldn’t imagine these beauties on their wall?

Screenshot of Monica's Instagram with a close-up rose mage
Monica on Instagram

18. Amthel Al-Dayni

Amthel is a photographer with a strong passion for macro photography. He doesn’t consider himself a professional. But his images don’t say the same.

His work contains stunning and colorful photos of insects, spiders, flowers, fungi, waterdrops, and soap bubbles.

He gets really creative with his waterdrop photos. They reflect different subjects from the background.

Screenshot of Amthel Al-Dayni's Instagram with a flower and water droplets
Follow Amthel Al-Dayni on Instagram

19. Andriansyah Andriansyah

Andriansyah is an Indonesian macro photographer with interest in tiny animals. He takes stunning and surprising images of insects, flowers, spiders, or snails. And sometimes reptiles or amphibians.

He professionally freezes movements and shows the interactions of the living things around him. Besides the animals, you can find objects, like jewelry, in his portfolio.

Screenshot of Andriansyah Andriansyah's Instagram with a macro insect photo
Follow Andriansyah Andriansyah on Instagram

20. Marta Albareda

Marta is a prolific macro photographer from Barcelona, Spain. She has a passion for insect macro photography. And her skill behind the camera allows you to see bug life in exceptional detail.

She uses Olympus (OM System) cameras. And she’s mastered the art of the extreme close-up, bringing new dimensions to insect photography.

Some might find bugs disturbing or frightening. But She makes them become objects of wonder and beauty.

Screenshot from instagram of macro spider image
Follow Marta Albareda on Instagram

21. Kristine

Kristine is a nature and macro photographer from Latvia. She has a blog that touches different topics and offers tips and tutorials on making images like hers.

She has a unique style with a combination of strong and pale colors. She captures flowers, leaves, fungi, insects, or frozen bubbles. And all of them are done professionally.

Screenshot of Kristine's Instagram with a bee and flowers
Follow Kristine on Instagram

22. Phaethon Pictures

Phaethon Pictures is a macro photographer working in Coburg, Germany. They are prolific with their camera, pumping out stunning macro images on a regular basis.

They use a noticeable amount of post-production. But that’s one of the reasons they have such a distinct style. These images are minimalist and dramatic yet have a dreamlike quality.

The main subject is flora, mainly flowers, and leaves in isolation. They’ve mastered the art of bokeh to intensify the central subject. And colors are contrasted with darkness, adding a sense of mysteriousness to the images.

Macro image of a blue flower with water droplets against a dark background
Follow Phaethon Pictures on Instagram

23. Monika Blucha

If you love bright colors, you’ll like Monika’s macro photography. Insects and flowers, often shot together, are her favorite subjects. And her love for them both rings clear in her images.

Each shot is beautiful. But as a collection, her bright and colorful images bring joy to the soul. Her images are happy and playful. And the bright color pallet gives her portfolio a storybook quality.

The insects become characters. So we become more invested in the images. Bugs can be scary or disgusting. But this is the perfect antidote. She transforms creepy crawlies into curious critters.

She also documents the camera and lens she uses and her exact settings for each shot. That’s fantastic information if you’re learning the art of macro photography.

Macro shot of a shield bug on a flower
Follow Monika Blucha on Instagram

24. Julie

Julie is based in Michigan and Montana. And she takes stunning macro images.

Her work is mostly about plants, their leaves, and flowers in all seasons. She captures the frozen world of winter by using magical pale colors. And she captures the lively springs with stronger ones.

Her images show how sensitive she is to the soft and delicate beauty of the world.

Screenshot of Julie's Instagram page with a flower close-up
Follow Julie on Instagram

25. Chris Ruijter

Chris is a nature photographer from the Netherlands, passionate about macro photography.

He is a Ricoh-Pentax ambassador. And he uses his gear to capture sharp and gorgeous images of dragonflies, fungi, spiders, or other insects and plants.

He documents nature around him with great sensitivity. And he pays attention to details.

Screenshot of Chris Ruijter's Instagram with a stick insect
Follow Chris Ruijter on Instagram

26. Zohre

Zohre is a smartphone camera photographer. And she is a great example of what camera phones can do in our day-to-day lives.

Using a Samsung A750 with a macro lens, Zohre takes gorgeous close-ups of insects and flowers. Her images prove you don’t always need a professional camera to take stunning macro pictures.

She now also uses a D3500 camera with a 105mm lens.

Screenshot of Zohre's Instagram page with a macro image of a fly on flowers
Follow Zohre on Instagram

27. Karthikeyan Shanmugasundaram

Karthikeyan’s work is mostly about animals and insects in motion. This has earned him recognition in the macro photography community.

His images are so sharp and colorful that the viewer feels they will start moving at any second. It’s not an easy task to capture tiny flying creatures. But he manages to do it in a professional manner.

Screenshot of Karthikeyan Shanmugasundaram's Instagram page with a macro insect shot
Follow Karthikeyan Shanmugasundaram on Instagram

28. Wiktor Borozdin

Wiktor is from Freiburg, Germany. He loves to take pictures in the forest. And he has many beautiful photos of sunflowers and poppy flowers.

He hopes that people will respect nature more if they see the little details of the world. His images look like paintings. And he cleverly uses colors to enhance shapes and texture.

Screenshot of Wiktor Borozdin's Instagram with a sunflower
Follow Wiktor Borozdin on Instagram

29. Андрей Шаповалов

Андрей Шаповалов is a macro photography enthusiast. He lives in Grodno, Belarus, where he shoots in a home photo studio.

In his gallery, you will find wonderful photos of insects and spiders. His extreme macro photos seem like they were taken of creatures from another planet.

He uses focus stacking to ensure his whole subject is in sharp focus.

Screenshot of Андрей Шаповалов's Instagram with a macro insect photo
Follow Андрей Шаповалов on Instagram

30. Alperen Yayla

Alperen is a butterfly expert. That means he specializes in taking pictures of butterflies.

But he isn’t just a photographer. He is also a qualified lepidopterist (butterfly and moth collector). He has a passion for winged insects. And that comes through in his macro photography.

Since he studies butterflies professionally, his photo style is scientific. But his images are also full of beauty and intrigue.

Of course, butterflies are always a joy to look at. But their natural beauty is enhanced by Yayla’s skill with the camera.

Macro photo of a butterfly by Alperen Yayla
Follow Alperen Yayla on Instagram

What Is Macro Photography?

Macro photography is about taking close-ups of small subjects and making them look much bigger than life-size.

Its subjects can be any living creatures, from flowers to insects or details of larger things. Also, macros can be about phenomena like snowflakes, waterdrops, or objects like jewelry.

Tiny animals in such a large magnification can look like they are from another planet. This is what takes our breaths away.

It can require special equipment, like macro lenses or microscopes. But some photographers use their smartphones for macro photography.

If you are interested in macro photography, protect wildlife, and don’t cause any harm while taking photos!

A macro photography of an insect

Conclusion: 30 Most Influential Macro Photographers to Follow

Macro photography is a genre that guides us into totally different worlds. And it introduces us to the tiniest creatures and objects around us.

Getting inspiration from other photographers’ work is always a good idea. And hopefully, you took delight in our list.

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