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Attention: At-Home and Creative Photographers...

How to Capture Jaw-Dropping Photos From The Comfort of Your Home

(Using Basic Setups and Simple Accessories)
Donna Schapansky Marshall

The Wow Factor Photography course exceeded my expectations! As a photo enthusiast, it is easy to find yourself in a rut and this course pushed me outside the box, creating a playful side of photography for me. I would highly recommend taking this course. Get ready to play!

Donna Schapansky Marshall
  • 99% positive reviews

  • 10,000+ students

  • 30 photography projects (5 hours of video content)

  • 30 Challenge Cards (Cheat Sheets)

  • FREE bonus

  • Online & at your own pace

  • Downloadable onto any device

  • Language: English

  • Level: Beginner

If there was an easy way to capture creative photos that make people gasp and say “Wow! How’d you take that?”… would you be interested?

What if all you needed was a selection of simple and creative photography projects? Ones that you could do from the comfort of your home?

And the photos you captured received hundreds of likes on Facebook and Instagram. And reached the front pages of websites like Flickr, 500px, and Reddit…?

My name is Josh Dunlop, and here’s something few people know… You can master creative photography, 10x better than you can imagine now… all you need is a simple guide and a few hours of your time.

Pictures so jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring, others may accuse you of stealing them from the internet.

Here, I’m going to prove it to you.

Take a look at this…

I took this photo in my kitchen using nothing more than a $100 remote flash, coloured milk, and a water dropper. From start to finish it only took two hours.

When you’re starting out with creative photography, the average project seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

That’s because it’s usually shot in a big studio, with expensive gear. There’s never been an easy way for the average photographer to get started.

But the truth is… with some basic gear, and a little know-how, it can all be so simple…

Hi, I’m Joshua Dunlop, Founder of ExpertPhotography


A couple of years ago, I got stuck in a creative rut. I couldn’t come up with any new and original ideas. My photography started to stink.

Creativity isn’t something you can force.

So I started to experiment. I left my main area of expertise (landscapes) in search of new niches that could reignite my passion.

What I found surprised me. I fell in love with a new (to me) form of photography: creative and trick photography. Because:

  1. You can do it from the comfort of your home.
    I’m a busy person. So any form of photography that I can do in my kitchen is a big plus for me.
  2. It’s so impressive, it’s almost cheating.
    I almost feel bad, but the reactions I get for my creative photography has been overwhelming.
  3. It fuels creativity and inspiration.
    This is what got me out of my rut. I was flooded with so many new ideas and techniques to try… it’s hard to stay stuck for long.

That’s why I’ve been spending months working on this creative course:

Introducing: “Wow Factor Photography”

(For illustration purposes only; this is an online course with video downloads)

“Wow Factor Photography” is a 30-day photography project video course, on the art of photo creativity.

It shows you how to capture world-class images in the comfort of your home.

We don’t fuss about the gear you have or even recommend you buy more of it. The “secret” to exceptional photography is how you use it.

Which is why throughout this course, you’ll see me shooting with the Canon EOS Rebel T6 (AKA the 1300D), the cheapest DSLR I could find.

Some of the skills you’re going to gain include:

  • The exact settings I use to take 30 different creative photos (and the reason behind my decisions)
  • Behind-the-scenes training on how every scene is setup
  • Why we use manual focus for the majority of our shots, for the most reliable results
  • The do’s and don’ts of light and colour
  • And much, much more…

To capture pictures like this…

Filmed in a family home, we show you the kinds of photos that can be captured without even having to leave the house.

Even if you struggled in school… or aren’t the greatest at grasping new skills… you’re going to be shocked by how easy it feels to absorb this information.

Here, see for yourself with the free sample below:

30 Printable Cheat Sheets for Creative Photography (Value = $99)

Wow Factor Photography has over 10,000 happy students from the past years.

But we wanted to make the process of capturing these photos even easier…

So our editorial and design team worked together to create recipe cards for each image.

The process is simple:

  • Pick a project and watch the video
  • Print or download the cheat sheet
  • Follow the simple steps

With our cheat sheets, you don’t have to remember anything… they make creative photography easy.

Forget About Complicated Gear and Software

One of the most common misconceptions about creative photography is the need for a bunch of fancy gear.

The photos I used to take with $1,000 worth of lighting, are nowhere near as good as the ones I take now with my $100 one-flash setup.

Focus your time on experimentation, not setting up unnecessary studio equipment.

And the same goes for Photoshop. It has so many built-in tools and filters, there’s no need to do things the old fashioned way anymore.

If you can follow simple instructions to replicate a basic setup, capturing great results is as easy as clicking a button.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the photos below:

On the left is the setup. It took about 20-30 minutes to complete, using a $350 camera and everyday household items.

On the right is the finished photo, which only took a couple of minutes to compose, focus, and shoot.

Simple At-Home Setups Produce The Best Results

Picture this.

You’re at home with your camera in your hand, set up and ready to go.

You place your camera on your tripod without a single worry about lighting, exposure, or focus… Everything falls into place.

After a small amount of setup and experimentation, you’re ready to shoot.

You take photos without a second thought.

Less than a minute later, you’ve captured a photo so creative and exciting, you won’t stop shooting until all of your batteries are dead.

15 minutes later you’re playing with different compositions, lighting, and colours to make your photos more striking.

When you’re done, you have a selection of the most impressive… awe-inspiring… and interesting photographs you’ve ever taken.

Sound far-fetched? That’s what I thought too.

Through my years of experimentation, I’ve developed dozens of shortcuts for creative photography. Simple setups, with basic gear, that produce stunning results.

Creative photography comes naturally to me, and I’m confident I don’t have to rely on expensive studio setups or heavy Photoshop processing.

The Secret Behind Successful Creative & Trick Photography…

For creativity to start to flow, you have to have a concept: A good idea of what you want to capture.

Because to quote Ansel Adams “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

But the problem is, the ‘concept’ is the most difficult part of any photo. How do you come up with new ideas that excite your photography?

Well, you can…

  • Force yourself to come up with new ideas (very frustrating)
  • Browse through Flickr and 500px in the search of inspiration (very time-consuming)
  • Or follow a specially designed photography project that will fuel your creativity and inspiration (simple!)…

The secret to creative photography is to go through a selection of tried-and-tested projects and use your own style and taste to make them uniquely yours…

Together with my team of videographers, designers, photographers, and editors, we’ve managed to simplify this complex form of photography.

Over 1,000 work hours later… the results speak for themselves.

Our courses always get a roaring reception from delighted students. But often, photos can say more than a thousand words… So here are some photos from previous students…

  • Donna Schapansky Marshall
  • Kate Crawford
  • Donna Schapansky Marshall
  • Kate Crawford
  • Kate Crawford
  • Stacy Anne McCormack
  • Damien Haworth
  • Rosemary Drummond
  • Rosemary Drummond
  • Stacy Anne McCormack

"I was able to get some great results on my first attempt..."

Donna Schapansky Marshall

The Wow Factor Photography course exceeded my expectations! As a photo enthusiast, it is easy to find yourself in a rut and this course pushed me outside the box, creating a playful side of photography for me. I would highly recommend taking this course. Get ready to play!

Donna Schapansky Marshall
Stacy Anne McCormack

I think this an excellent course, Josh is clear, well-paced and interesting. The ideas and day projects are unique, which is why I bought it. I have Photoshop experience, so I was able to jump around in the lessons, but I don’t think much experience is needed to achieve great results. It has been a lot of fun to do something different!

Stacy Anne McCormack
Kate Crawford

I found the course very well laid out and easy to get to exactly the parts that were of interest to me. The instructions were easy to follow and I was able to get some great results on my first attempt at each style I have tried so far. I am looking forward to trying more of the modules soon.

Kate Crawford
Trina Thorwald

I enjoyed the WOW Factor Photography Courses because I always am looking for new things to shoot to capture my interest. I am glad I can refer back to the classes because taking in all the information at once can be a little overwhelming. I am happy to have purchased the program so I can refer back time and time again.

Trina Thorwald
Rosemary Drummond

I have recently added the macro course to my learning and invested in an off-camera flash unit. So now I have revisited the WOW course to try some of the projects that required a flash. Really liking my results! What I like about the course is that Josh gives you the ideas and how to achieve them, but then you can expand on those ideas.

Rosemary Drummond
Damian Haworth

I bought the wow pack from Josh as I needed some inspiration, and, even though I’m a fairly experienced tog, I still learnt a thing or two. I was having fun with elasticity last night, so I’ll be uploading a couple of bits later. 🙂 Regards.

Damian Haworth

The 30 Day Creative Photography Project

Abstract Photography: Day 1 - Day 3

This first week eases you into creative photography. Simple projects that don’t require a flash, and only a touch of processing.

  • Day 1 – Spiral Light Photography
    You can capture unique photos for a dazzling effect.
  • Day 2 – High-Speed Photography
    Freeze motion and capture action using nothing more than a fast shutter and a little preparation.
  • Day 3 – Macro Photography
    With a few simple tricks and the right lens, spectacular photos are a few clicks away.

Abstract Photography: Day 4 - Day 7

  • Day 4 – Crystal Ball Photography
    Learn how to master this creative accessory, for a fascinating new perspective.
  • Day 5 – Light Graffiti
    Play with light at night and create colourful shapes and words in the sky.
  • Day 6 – Light Trail Photography
    The popular form of long exposure photography captures movement and motion at night.
  • Day 7 – Long Exposure Daytime
    Mix movement and still-life for a hypnotic effect.

DIY Photography: Day 8 - Day 10

The second week focuses on using ordinary household items in your photography, from plastic forks to picture frames.

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible when you simply use them in the right context.

  • Day 8 – Colourful Waterdrops
    Illuminate colorful details with plenty of color, using nothing more than what you’ll find inside your kitchen.
  • Day 9 – Photoelasticity
    Would you believe this photo was shot using a polarising filter, a laptop, and some cheap plastic cutlery?
  • Day 10 – Custom Bokeh
    A fun way to get creative with your background blur is to create a custom bokeh.

DIY Photography: Day 11 - Day 14

  • Day 11 – Oil & Water
    A few drops of water, a splash of oil, and a few sheets of colored card, is all it takes to recreate this abstract image.
  • Day 12 – Transferring Photos Onto Wood
    We walk you through a simple process of transferring photos onto a wooden board. Not to be missed!
  • Day 13 – Steel Wool Photography
    Safely play with sparks of fire and capture long exposures that defy all logic.
  • Day 14 – Photo Montage
    You can shoot this with your iPhone and merge the photos together with a couple of clicks in Photoshop.

Flash: Day 15 - Day 17

Don’t be intimidated by flash photography. It’s not complicated, and it’s not expensive. These videos use a simple flash and wireless transmitter, purchased for a combined cost of only $100.

We show you how to set your flash for each of these photos, so you can copy our settings.

These are my favorite photos of the course!

  • Day 15 – Bubble Photography
    We use a chef’s tip to inflate the bubbles for 5 minutes, allowing wild swirls to appear for this otherworldly effect.
  • Day 16 – Harris Shutter Effect
    Capture colorful movement with burst fire, and some simple layering.
  • Day 17 – Slow Sync Flash
    Use a flash to freeze a subject, and a simple camera setting to add movement.

Flash: Day 18 - Day 20

  • Day 18 – Smoke Photography
    Capture fascinating and unique shapes, then easily add color and compositions in Photoshop.
  • Day 19 – Water Droplet Photography
    Have fun and fascinate yourself with abstract water drop photography.
  • Day 20 – Water Splash Photography
    Mix still life with water splash for this colorful action photography.

Photoshop: Day 21 - Day 23

These 10 remaining videos focus on the fun you can have using Photoshop.

Although we shot these videos using Photoshop (for the most part), you can still achieve the same results with your favorite alternative software.

  • Day 21 – Chain Link Cut Out
    Remove parts of yourself from a scene for a spooky result.
  • Day 22 – Day to Night Photography
    Merge photos from day to night with this interesting version of landscape photography.
  • Day 23 – Double Exposure
    Experiment with merging two photos into one for an abstract and unusual result.

Photoshop: Day 24 - Day 26

  • Day 24 – Hidden Camera Mirror Trick
    Make people question their sanity by removing your camera from a photo.
  • Day 25 – Miniature Globe Panorama
    Create miniature globes with a simple and easy to use Photoshop trick.
  • Day 26 – Multiplicity Photography
    Capture action in motion and display it all in one photo.

Photoshop: Day 27 - Day 30

  • Day 27 – Picasso Style Cross Section Portrait
    Cut yourself in half like a Picasso portrait for this artistic and abstract photo.
  • Day 28 – The Droste Effect
    Spiral on to infinity with this never-ending creative photo.
  • Day 29 – Tilt-Shift Photography
    Make the world look like a model with a very simple and easy-to-apply filter.
  • Day 30 – Time-Lapse
    Capture minutes or hours of motion in seconds, using nothing more than your digital camera.

What else is included?

New Bonus Added: How to Create a Photography Following (Value = $149)

The creative photography you’ll capture with this course will be so stunning… you’ll feel a strong urge to share it online.

But what if instead of simply sharing it on Instagram and Facebook, you could build a following for your art?

It’s not easy if you don’t know what you’re doing, but that’s something one of our most talented writers, Taya, has been able to achieve.

We’ve managed to convince her to write an ebook to share her process of growing over 200,000+ followers online.

Bonus #1: PSD for Free (Value = $149)

If you’re new to Photoshop, then it can seem like a daunting experience. It has a bad reputation.

You used to have to do everything manually in Photoshop, but now there’s a ton of built-in filters and tools.

With our expert training, we walk you through every single step to make it easy to understand and use.

But we wanted to make it even easier. So we’re also including the .PSD files for the Photoshop projects.

That way you can experiment with my photos, and get a feel for how easily Photoshop works.


90 Days Guarantee

I stand behind every product we offer.

So I’m putting my money where my mouth is with these two guarantees:

Guarantee #1: If you don’t think “Wow Factor Photography” is the best $99 you’ve spent on your creative photography… send me an email. I’ll provide you with a full refund.

Guarantee #2: If you DO what’s recommended, and your results aren’t great, I’ll refund double your money. All I ask is that you give it an honest effort. How’s that for fair?

And these guarantees are good for 90 days after purchase!

Here’s The Amazing Deal We’ve Put Together

We’ve created a mind-blowing course for creative photography. And we’ve made it simple for you to try at home.

And although the value far exceeds $599.00, we’re offering this for a very limited price.

Wow Factor Photography

Capture Jaw-Dropping Photos from Home

The entire course contains: Value
  1. 30-Day Creative Photography Project

    • 30 videos in 5 hours of content
  2. The Wow Factor Cheat Sheets

Total Value: $698.00

Plus... you're also getting these powerful bonuses:

  • How to Create a Photography Following

  • PSD for Free

Total Value: $298.00

A combined value of $996.00

But you won’t be paying $996.00 today. You won’t even be paying $299.00. Or even half of that.

It’s Yours Today For Just $99 🔥

But hurry! Only the first 500 copies are discounted!

Save an amazing $897.00 before the countdown ends.

Get Instant Access to:

“Wow Factor Photography”

Yes, I want it! I want access to this course right now!
Sale Price:
$299.00 $99 USD
Your payment is 100% secure.

​But There’s A Catch
(Please Read This Carefully)

As you can tell, this is a staggeringly low price. But as I said, there is a catch.

When you get your copy, can you email me your feedback on it? A single sentence would be helpful.

And that’s it. Pretty easy “catch”, right?

I just want to get as much feedback as possible.

For that reason, we only plan to offer this deal for the next 500 customers to get the customer feedback we need.

One Week From Now…

Your portfolio will have some of the most vivid and vibrant pictures you’ve ever taken.

Your confidence will have grown immensely, and you’ll realise just how easily the skills you gained will translate to all kinds of photography.

In short: You’ll be a better, more exciting, and more excited photographer.

But only when you choose to act.

I wouldn’t be where I am today, taking stunning photos if I hadn’t chosen to act.

You have a chance to do things differently. “Wow Factor Photography” is your path to becoming a much better, more fulfilled photographer. But it’s up to you to take the first step.

The choice is yours.

Yours Truly,

Josh Dunlop

Founder, Expert Photography

P.S. – You’re getting everything you need to master creative photography, AND you’re getting the “Photography Following” bonus and “PSD Files”, for FREE. But remember – 500 is the magic number.


Who Is ExpertPhotography?

ExpertPhotography was founded in 2011 by Joshua Dunlop.
Since then ExpertPhotography has grown into the world’s largest photography education website with a variety of online courses, ebooks, cheat sheets, presets, and more.

Everything we do here is to make the process of learning photography easier, so you can experience the same joy we do.

We’ve taught photography to 140,000+ very happy and satisfied students over the past 11 years.

Photography has changed our lives, and we hope we can help it to change yours too.

Can I buy the course as a gift?

Yes, you can buy the course as a gift for someone else. How to do it?

  1. Purchase the product using your email address and create any password.
  2. Then copy this email template and send it to
    Hello ExpertPhotography,
    I purchased the “Wow Factor Photography” course as a gift.
    Here is the email address of the gift receiver: (insert email address)
    Name and Surname of the gift receiver: (insert Name and Surname)
  3. We will set up a new account for the gift receiver based on this information. “Wow Factor Photography” will be then transferred to their account. The gift receiver will not be notified, so the gift can stay a nice surprise. This process can take up to a maximum of 2 days.
  4. You will be notified via email when the process is done, together with the new login information.

Is this an online course or will you send me DVDs?

This is an online course only. This enables you to access the course immediately, and it enables us to easily add new videos as requested.

Can I download the videos?

Yes! We have downloads for every single video.

Do you offer closed captions / subtitles?

Yes! I’m proud to say that we offer these for all of our online courses.

Does the course expire or will I have lifetime access?

You will have lifetime access and the video downloads ensure that you can watch them on any device, at any time.

May I see the course contents?

Week 1: Spiral Light Photography, High-Speed Photography, Light Trail Photography, Long Exposure Daytime, Light Graffiti, Macro Photography, Crystal Ball Photography

Week 2: Colourful Waterdrops, Custom Bokeh, Oil & Water, Photo Montage, Photoelasticity, Steel Wool Photography, Transferring Photos Onto Wood

Week 3: Bubble Photography, Harris Shutter Effect, Slow Sync Flash, Smoke Photography, Water Droplet Photography, Water Splash Photography

Week 4: Chain Link Cut Out, Day to Night Photography, Double Exposure, Hidden Camera Mirror Trick, Miniature Globe Panorama, Multiplicity Photography, Picasso Style Cross Section Portrait, The Droste Effect, Tilt-Shift Photography, Time-Lapse

Will this work with my camera?

If you have a DSLR, Mirrorless, or Bridge camera, then this course was designed for you! We cover settings that you will find in your camera.

What gear do I need?

We recommend a flash and a transmitter (the setup we use costs only $100), and a tripod. That will allow you to capture most of the shots. Some videos require some more niche equipment, like an ND or a polarising filter. But that comes at a very small expense.

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