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Wow Factor Photography

Do you want to try exciting creative photography projects? Do you feel like your photography could do with some fun, new challenges?

About the course

If there was an easy way to capture creative photos that make people gasp and say “Wow! How’d you take that?“… would you be interested?

When starting out, creative photography projects seem like more trouble than they’re worth.

The process can be frustrating and expensive, and the results are often underwhelming.

But the truth is… it doesn’t have to be this way. With some basic gear and a little know-how, it can all be so simple.

Through years of experimentation, I’ve developed dozens of shortcuts for creative photography.

Simple setups, with basic gear, that produce stunning results… like these:

The process is so simple, I decided to show you how to capture professional & exceptional shots… using cheap gear.

“Wow Factor Photography” will show you:

  • The exact process I use to take 30 different creative photos
  • Creative ideas including abstract, flash, photoshop and DIY photography.
  • Behind-the-scenes training on how every scene is setup

This is everything you need to become an exciting and creative photographer.

6,479 photographers have already had this course work for them. You can see some of their photos below:

That’s a fraction of what many photographers pay for a studio setup.

But with my method, all you need is your camera, a tripod, and for six of the projects, a $100 flash.

I filmed this training to ignite your creativity. To get you out of your creative rut.

With 30 projects you can try from home, you will soon transform your portfolio.

Capture the most impressive photos of your life. Click on the button below, then confirm your order at the bottom of the page.

Course Details

5 Hours
30 Lectures
1131 Students
Beginner Level

About the Author

Joshua Dunlop
CEO & Founder of Expert Photography

Hey I'm Josh, I'm Photographer in Chief here at ExpertPhotography, and I'm in charge of making sure that we provide you with the best content from the most knowledgeable photographers in the world. Enjoy the site :)

The 30 Day Creative Photography Project

  • Day 1 - Spiral Light Photography
  • Day 2 - High Speed Photography
  • Day 3 - Light Trail Photography
  • Day 4 - Long Exposure Daytime
  • Day 5 - Light Graffiti
  • Day 6 - Macro Photography
  • Day 7 - Crystal Ball Photography
  • Day 8 - Colourful Waterdrops
  • Day 9 - Custom Bokeh
  • Day 10 - Oil & Water
  • Day 11 - Photo Montage
  • Day 12 - Photoelasticity
  • Day 13 - Steel Wool Photography
  • Day 14 - Transferring Photos Onto Wood
  • Day 15 - Bubble Photography
  • Day 16 - Harris Shutter Effect
  • Day 17 - Slow Sync Flash
  • Day 18 - Smoke Photography
  • Day 19 - Water Droplet Photography
  • Day 20 - Water Splash Photography
  • Day 21 - Chain Link Cut Out
  • Day 22 - Day to Night Photography
  • Day 23 - Double Exposure
  • Day 24 - Hidden Camera Mirror Trick
  • Day 25 - Miniature Globe Panorama
  • Day 26 - Multiplicity Photography
  • Day 27 - Picasso Style Cross Section Portrait
  • Day 28 - The Droste Effect
  • Day 29 - Tilt Shift Photography
  • Day 30 - Time-Lapse


  1. Naomi Thompson
    Thank you so much for putting this amazing set of tutorials and ideas together in Wow Factor Photography. I am now looking at my surroundings in a different light and being inspired. I love how you explain things very simply.
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5 Hours
30 Lectures
1131 Students
Beginner Level